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Okay. So things aren’t as great as you’d like, and in fact, life feels like a big mess right now. Not to worry — simply bless your mess and start over. Whatever is going on at the moment, appreciate the act that you created it … and because you did so, you can “un-create” it as well. Start by accepting that the situation at had is your creation. Maybe it’s not your intentional one, but it’s yours, nevertheless. Until you acknowledge your power, you can’t use it correctly.

Ask yourself: How did I get here? What about the present moment isn’t working for me? What about this is familiar and might be part of a pattern that I keep repeating and now would like to stop? and the most important question of all: What does my Spirit want to experience instead?

Once you reconnect with your Spirit, you can use your true power to begin anew. Don’t allow your ego to refuse to take responsibility for creating your life. It would always much rather be a victim of circumstance than the powerful creator of circumstance that it is. The more quickly you take responsibility for your life and all its creations, the more quickly you can allow your Spirit to correct the ones that are less than satisfactory. This doesn’t mean blaming yourself for your dissatisfaction, which is one of the ego’s favorite pastimes. That is not constructive and will only dig you in deeper. Simply study your situation and request that your Spirit free you from whatever creation you don’t enjoy — if you ask, it will oblige.


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