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Are you growing tired yet of the same old blah, blah, blah of disinterest that your ego mind comes up with whenever you get a whiff of inspiration? Are you tired of the same dreary arrangement of self-denial, insecurity, and boredom that you come home to at the end of every hard day at work?

You feel this lack of inspiration because your joyful Spirit has been living outside of your body and your home. Your ego has taken over and pushed it out the door. It’s time to call your Spirit back. Start by creating an atmosphere that appeals to it. It abhors darkness, chaos, dreariness and carelessness. Is your living space inviting to your Spirit?

Your Spirit is holy and requires a place of peace and serenity to dwell in. Invite it to come home by cleaning up your residence and airing out the old. If your home is cluttered, dusty, falling apart, and just plain ugly, it’s not appealing to your Spirit. Clean up and clear our the debris to attract your spirit once again. Hire help to do so if you’re overwhelmed. Take pride in your space and make it beautiful. And simplify: If you own less, you’ll worry about less.

Your Spirit is content in a quiet, clean and uncluttered space. Make yours a place truly worthy of your Spirit and it will return. Light a candle, say a prayer and call it home. You’ll know that you’ve succeeded because you feel inspired and happy to be home, in every sense of the word


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