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Good Vibrations!

source: http://thepeacefuljourney.typepad.com

I’ve been practicing changing my energy – I have always known I could, but you know how sometimes knowing something and actually practicing it don’t intersect?

I admit there are times I eagerly embrace this power and times when I don’t want to be responsible.  I get cozy in my whiney place and even though it isn’t very comfortable, it is very familiar.

But what I am finding out is the more I embrace a higher vibration, a sun-shiny energy, the more I long to have it be the familiar place where I live my life.

I love how there are just so many ways available – an energetic buffet with something for everyone. There is no single method – just as Abraham-Hicks says, “First reach for the joy and all else follows”. According the Abraham’s teachings, there is no judgment of what works for each of us.  Maybe it’s a funny movie or a sit-com, maybe it’s chocolate (this probably ranks higher than a maybe!), perhaps it is music, or meditation or a walk in the sun (or the snow). Maybe it’s rolling on the floor with our child or our dog. Maybe it’s three deep breaths.

The point is we are in control and we have an endless array of tools available.

I personally use a combination of essential oils (now that’s a shocker, isn’t it?) and music to put me on the fast track to raising my vibration. Sometimes when I am aware of what is draining my energy, I use a specific oil blend to “reset” myself. And sometimes, when I just need a lift, I close my eyes and reach into my basket of blends and let the Universe deliver the perfect remedy for the moment. And guess what – it always works!

I confess to being one of those people who play their iPod way too loudly – but I love the feeling of soaring music literally coursing through my body. I have this CD that features quotes from Abraham-Hicks “Joy Joy Joy”  that I have listened to so often just choosing it on the playlist lifts me up! A sense of well-being begins coursing throughout my physical body and I shift into the energy I choose.

I think where I am going with this is we can all find what rings our chimes. We can be aware when we are not feeling the joy, the love, the fun that is our right and we can shift.  And the shift is fun and quick.  Our only decision is really just to acknowledge we are not in the place we desire and choose –

” To reach for the joy and then know all else follows.”


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