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You Get To Choose

“You see, there is not one piece of reality anywhere that is this static thing that must always be. Everybody’s reality has been created by their attention to something that caused them to offer a vibration that Law of Attraction matched. In other words, when you say, “I’m facing reality,” ask yourself, “And is it a reality that I would choose?” And so, we would like to amend that statement, just for a little while, with you. Well no, we would like to amend it forever with you, but then that’s none of our business. It’s just a suggestion. [Laughter.] “I’m facing Virtual Reality.” When someone says to you, “You’ve got to face reality,” say, “I’m facing Virtual Reality. I’m going to this place and I’m teaching myself a vibration that allows the Well-Being that I deserve to flow to me.” And that’s a very big point that so many still don’t get.

There is only a Stream of Well-Being. That’s all there is. Which you are allowing or now and, if you are allowing it, you are thriving. If you are not, then you are not thriving quite so much. But, there is only a Stream of Well-Being which you may allow or pinch off. You do not walk into a room and look for the dark switch because there isn’t one. There is that switch which resists light and in the absence of light, you do achieve darkness. Just like in the absence of allowing, you do achieve cancer. In the absence of allowing, you do achieve trauma. In the absence of allowing, you do achieve bondage. In the absence of allowance, you do achieve sickness. In other words, in the absence of allowing the Well-Being that is natural, you do achieve things that you call reality. But they are not a ‘reality’ that exists anywhere other than in the vibrational nature and you get to choose.”



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