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We Are Explorers

Written by Gina Lake

Everyone is entirely unique. No one sees through the same eyes. Everyone’s consciousness is different, so everyone has a unique experience of life. What a mystery consciousness is! And this is how it’s meant to be. We, as individuated “sparks” of the Creator, have differentiated to give the Creator—the Oneness that we are—a unique experience. Every person lives in his or her own world, his or her own consciousness, and has a unique experience of life. We can never really know what someone else’s consciousness is like.

Just as the Creator is enjoying exploring different places in consciousness, or states of consciousness, through each of us, we get to explore, or experience, to some extent other people’s consciousness by knowing them intimately or by experiencing their creations. What we love so much about movies, stories, music, and art is that we get to experience, as much as we can, someone else’s consciousness—how someone else sees and experiences the world, and how someone else feels. Some of these people and their expressions resonate with us, that is, we like where they take our consciousness when we are in contact with them, and some of them don’t—we don’t like where their consciousness takes us. We generally gravitate toward people and artistic expressions that move us into a state of consciousness that we enjoy, or at least one we find fascinating and interesting to explore temporarily. However, sometimes we like to have an experience just because it’s different even though it isn’t that enjoyable, and we like to be stretched. Others are really a gift to us in this way—a gift the Oneness gives to itself, really.
This ability to experience other people’s consciousness by being close to them or through their creative expressions is one of the things that is so fun about life, and the Creator thinks so too! We are microcosms of the Oneness: It explores consciousness through us, and we also explore consciousness through others and their creations. The ego may want people to be a certain way or to be similar to it, but who we really are—the Oneness—wants to experience all kinds and levels of consciousness. And through this exploration of consciousness, our own consciousness is affected. It is modified by what we experience as a result of contacting the beautiful array of ways of being.

We are supposed to be different—this life is an exploration. We aren’t supposed to be exploring the same state of consciousness as someone else, and it would be impossible to do that anyway, because each body-mind is unique, and so is the place and time in which we exist. Our egos try so hard to be like someone else, for whatever reason, but we were never meant to be like anyone else, although we are meant to influence each other—that makes the game even more fun and interesting.

Exploring life through our own particular consciousness is interesting, but it is also interesting to explore other types and levels of consciousness through movies, stories, music, and art and try them on for size for a little while. This is not only interesting but can be quite enlightening—and fun. This is why we love movies, a good story, music, and art. What an amazing thing it is to experience something beyond our own experience. We live a million lives vicariously through movies, stories, and other creative experiences. We see through a million other eyes and bodies. What a delight! We are here to learn and grow and evolve, but all of this growth can be fun—and is fun. Notice what a good time you are having discovering how you see things and discovering how everyone else is doing life. What amazing creations come out of this variety of consciousness. This is definitely something to be grateful for and something to enjoy.


This blog post is included in Gina’s book Living in the Now: Reflections from Another Dimension About Being Happy in this One, which is comprised of many other blog posts that were formerly posted on radicalhappiness.com.


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