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Osho on Gratefulness

Taken from Osho Transformation Tarot The moment one is capable of feeling grateful for both pain and pleasure, without any distinction, without any choice, simply feeling grateful for whatsoever is given… Because if it is given by God, it must have a reason in it. We may like it, we may not like it, but … Continue reading

Power Animal : Cat

Written by Ina Woolcott Cat, Power Animal, Symbol of Wholeness, Independence, Curiosity, Many Lives, Cleverness, Love, Mystery, Magic In Egypt cats were treated like royalty and were always given special privileges. The Egyptian Goddess Bastet takes the form of a cat. Due to their x-ray vision, acute hearing and high intelligence they were used throughout … Continue reading

We Are Explorers

Written by Gina Lake Everyone is entirely unique. No one sees through the same eyes. Everyone’s consciousness is different, so everyone has a unique experience of life. What a mystery consciousness is! And this is how it’s meant to be. We, as individuated “sparks” of the Creator, have differentiated to give the Creator—the Oneness that … Continue reading

Mastin Kipp on Chaos Happens! And That’s A Good Thing! Here’s Why.

by Mastin Kipp When you start living your life from the inside out, when you take your power back from people, places and things, when you start trusting The Uni-verse – there is one very important thing to keep in mind: chaos happens. But here’s the thing about chaos – when you’re on The Path, … Continue reading

Nothing Needs To Be Fixed

“Nothing needs to be fixed. Everything is unfolding perfectly. So when you stand in your NOW moment accepting that all is well, then from that vibration, you become surrounded by more and more evidence that all is well. But when you’re convinced that things are broken, that there is pollution, or that things have gone … Continue reading

Need a Healing Angel?

by Doreen Virtue I frequently get letters from people who are surprised that angels help humanity. They seem astonished or doubtful that famous angels such as Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel would help the average person, especially in modern times. “Aren’t these angels from the Bible?” they write to me. Well, yes, and they continue to … Continue reading

You Get To Choose

“You see, there is not one piece of reality anywhere that is this static thing that must always be. Everybody’s reality has been created by their attention to something that caused them to offer a vibration that Law of Attraction matched. In other words, when you say, “I’m facing reality,” ask yourself, “And is it … Continue reading

Message Of The Day

Respect yourself. Feel the joy and the pride that existence needs you; otherwise you would not have been here. Rejoice that existence cannot be without you. In the first place that’s why you are here: existence has given you an opportunity, a life with tremendous treasures hidden within you — of beauty, of ecstasy, of … Continue reading

Meet Your Shadow

by: Alissa Sige Weisman There is someone I would like to introduce to you. Meet Your Shadow. Your Shadow is all the parts of yourself that you don’t like. It is the darker, repressed, and denied aspects of your being as well as the light. Your Shadow was formed when you banished these parts of … Continue reading

Good Vibrations!

source: http://thepeacefuljourney.typepad.com I’ve been practicing changing my energy – I have always known I could, but you know how sometimes knowing something and actually practicing it don’t intersect? I admit there are times I eagerly embrace this power and times when I don’t want to be responsible.  I get cozy in my whiney place and … Continue reading

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